These are the reasons why a flat stomach is impossible.


The key to getting a flat stomach is consistency in your efforts. It’s similar to caring for a plant; in order for it to grow and flourish, you need to water it frequently. Targeted workouts are essential in the world of fitness for firming the abdominal muscles and eventually achieving the desired flat stomach.

You see, inconsistent exercise routines or no exercise regimen at all can hinder your growth. Imagine performing a few sit-ups here and there, then putting them out of your mind for several days. It resembles taking two steps back and one stride forward.

You must commit to consistent, targeted exercise if you want to see real improvements. This will facilitate a flatter stomach by assisting with calorie burning, shedding extra fat, and strengthening your core muscles.


Genetics can either be your best friend or worst opponent in the quest for a flat stomach.

Our individual genetic make-up affects the propensities of our bodies. Some people may not have an enormous appetite since they naturally have more belly fat.

Despite the fact that you cannot alter your genetic makeup, you can still advance by beginning the previously outlined fitness path.

You would get closer to your objective with each modest step you took if you combined that with a healthy lifestyle.



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