How CEOs are getting ready in case there are strikes by workers
How CEOs are getting ready in case there are strikes by workers

The No Tech for Apartheid organization released a statement saying, “Google is throwing a tantrum because the company’s executives are embarrassed about the strength workers showed at last Tuesday’s historic sit-ins, as well as their botched response to them.”

Workers throughout the nation may be wondering if demonstrations against the Israel-Hamas war and the proliferation of encampments on college campuses could eventually make their way into offices.

Prior to the Bell, the Society for Human Resource Management trade association president and CEO Johnny C. Taylor Jr. discussed how businesses are readying for possible employee protests and how employees should voice divergent opinions both within and outside of the workplace.

Do you believe that Google was justified in what it did? Is it appropriate for workers to demonstrate at their place of employment?

I wholeheartedly concur with Sundar Pichai.

Businesses frequently provide platforms where you may express your opinions because they value different points of view. An employee should feel free to express their emotions there. It’s not acceptable to express your emotions by barring doors to your place of employment. It’s not acceptable to assume the role of division president. As organizations, our main purpose is to manage businesses. Anything that interferes with that company’s operations is not acceptable.

We promote diversity in our hiring process and welcome different points of view on these matters. We’re not passing judgment on who is right or wrong, and we don’t want a homogenous workforce. All we’re saying is don’t interfere with work.

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Should workers be concerned about protesting outside of their place of employment?

It varies. Even when you’re not working, you shouldn’t do anything that could damage a company’s reputation. You have the right to protest and to voice your opinion, but you also have to use extreme caution since it is your time.

However, they have the authority to fire you if that in any way deviates from the culture or values of your firm or brings dishonor to their brand. You always have the option to leave, but keep in mind that most organizations do not grant you the right to work there.