China is to bring in new rules that will limit the amount of money and time that people can spend on video games. The restrictions are aimed at limiting in-game purchases and preventing obsessive gaming behaviour. The draft legislation is a blow to the world’s largest online gaming market, which […]

There are certain women who don’t mind dating broke men, despite what most women would say.   The fact that he is unemployed or struggling financially does not preclude him from finding love. If you find yourself drawn to a man like this, you should be aware of the following: […]

E-Levy is a significant assessment handle in the 2022 financial plan proclamation by Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta     Adwoa was in a local shop to purchase a couple of food, she met two others in the shop, they were there for some Mobile Money (Momo) exchanges. Adwoa zeroed in […]

Since the beginning of the early 80s, a couple of fearless and lionhearted drug lords have made fortunes for themselves. Some of these ruthless nation wreckers are alive while others are dead. Let me walk you through the path of the top 10 richest drug lords of all time. 1. […]

Adwoa Safo is as yet on leave She has not detailed to Parliament this year   There have been requires the administering NPP to make the Dome-Kwabenya seat empty so that a by-political race can be held to choose another Member of Parliament. This as per some NPP allies will permit for Parliamentary business […]