Here are Ghana’s top 10 highest-paying positions for 2023.

Due to Ghana’s current economic issues, Ghanaians must ensure that their incomes keep pace with the rate of inflation.

Here are Ghana's top 10 highest-paying positions for 2023.
Here are Ghana’s top 10 highest-paying positions for 2023.


From an earlier 42.2% in May, inflation for the month of June increased somewhat to 42.5%. In June 2023, this translates to a 42.5% increase in product prices.


This also implies that customers might become indebted or cut back on their spending if incomes were the same while prices for products and services rose.

Even though these events may not have an immediate impact, over time they lower quality of life.

The current minimum wage in Ghana is GH14.88. There is typically a perception that remuneration for jobs in the public sector are higher than those in the private sector.

It is not entirely obvious whether such belief still holds true in modern times, when the private sector and entrepreneurship are dominating.
The emphasis of this article is on the highest-paying positions available in Ghana in 2023.

1. Civil engineering,

Construction-related issues are dealt with by civil engineers. They take care of imagination, design, monitoring, building, and maintenance. They can work from anywhere since their jobs involve building infrastructure, and they can work for both the public and commercial sectors. Most of their work is contract-based as well.

2. Analyses of Business

Everything a business is concerned with is covered by business analysis. Analysts assist in evaluating every facet of a firm and developing strategies to enhance or guarantee its expansion. Analysts earn rather good wages.

3. Professor at a university

While the lowest stages of the teaching profession may not be as profitable, as one advances, university lecturers and professors make rather respectable wages.

4. Doctor of Medicine

Medical professionals have recently left Ghana for other Western nations in pursuit of “greener pastures.” However, the field continues to offer quite respectable salary.


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