On April 26, 2023, Old Mutual Ghana, a leading insurance provider, began celebrating its tenth anniversary at the Fitzgerald in Cantonments, Accra, Ghana. Old Mutual Ghana began celebrating early with a 360-degree marketing campaign to showcase significant accomplishments and milestones that the company has achieved over the past ten years. […]

The most recent data from Halifax indicates that house prices decreased in March for the first time in six months. According to the lender, prices decreased by 1% last month as prospective purchasers’ affordability was impacted by rising mortgage rates. The average cost of a home decreased to £288,430, or […]

Near the village center, on nine acres of agricultural land, is where the development is proposed to be located. Plans for a new housing estate could significantly increase the population of a small Norfolk village. The development would create 45 new homes off Bunwell Road in Spooner Row, near Wymondham. […]

The world’s largest economy continued to boom last month, with employers in the US adding more than 300,000 jobs, the greatest increase in over a year.   According to the Labor Department, the unemployment rate decreased to 3.8% as most industries added jobs, including the government, construction, and health care. […]

After purportedly abandoning its aspirations for self-driving cars, Apple has reportedly slashed more than 600 positions. According to Bloomberg, the address of the location where the recently shelved self-driving car project in California was being developed accounts for the majority of the reduction.On March 28, the state’s employment department received […]

Boeing compensated Alaska Air with $160 million (£126 million) to make up for the damages the airline endured after a dramatic mid-air rupture in January. Alaska announced that more refunds were expected in the following months, and the money will compensate for revenue losses from the year’s first three months.Regulators […]

McDonald’s will repurchase every one of its eateries in Israel since sales were negatively impacted by a boycott of the company due to its alleged support of Israel. Following its Israeli franchise’s distribution of thousands of complimentary meals to Israeli soldiers, the fast food behemoth faced criticism.McDonald’s reported that it […]

In the first three months of the year, Elon Musk’s Tesla saw a dramatic decline in deliveries as the electric vehicle manufacturer dealt with a fire at its European facility, problems with international shipping, and other issues. Less than 387,000 electric cars were delivered to customers by the corporation, which […]

Disney has triumphed in a boardroom dispute with detractors who claimed the media behemoth had lost its creative edge and mishandled its streaming strategy. Activist investors, who claimed the board of directors of the corporation was too close to Disney’s leadership, had applied for seats on it, among them Nelson […]