Thomas Partey, a midfielder with the Black Stars, has been trending on Ghana’s Twitter.   After a post regarding the top defensive midfielder in the Premier League was made on’s official account, Partey’s name appeared on the list.   Who is the best defensive midfielder in the Premier League, […]

Foundations for an Open Society Who Can Apply? : International students can apply for a range of awards and fellowships through the Open Society network of organisations. Deadline for Applications: Variable Various Grant Amounts Johnson Fellowship Applicants must have little to no exposure to the United States in order to […]

Knowing the symptoms of ovulation might help you decide whether to plan a pregnancy. There are various ways to determine the time of ovulation. A wide variety of physical and mental symptoms are frequently experienced by people as their hormone levels fluctuate. Ovulation: What Is It? As previously stated, ovulation […]

  Food plays a significant role in determining the fate of your hair, in addition to heredity and a poor lifestyle. According to experts, when pigment-generating cells stop producing colour, hair turns grey. Hydrogen peroxide that occurs naturally can accumulate in hair and bleach the colour. However, if the colour […]