Step by step guide on how to use a short Business loan

Short-term business loans can be used for emergencies, including equipment replacement, buying inventory or seasonal slumps

Types of short-term business loans include business lines of credit, invoice factoring and merchant cash advances

Short-term business loans offer small business owners a way to get funding when they need it most. Online and traditional lenders offer short-term financing with streamlined applications, quick approvals and funding in five days or less, with repayment required in full in a few weeks to 24 months.

Step by step guide on how to use a short Business loan
Step by step guide on how to use a short Business loan

Since there are several types of short-term business loans to choose from, take into account your funding needs, the way you plan to use the loan and your repayment ability to help you narrow down which type is best for your small business financing needs.

Ways to use a short-term business loan

Short-term business loans provide flexibility and quick access to capital, making them a top choice for a variety of situations, including covering emergency expenses, startup costs and slow times to keep the business afloat.

  1. For upfront costs

Some small businesses complete work for customers or clients and get paid after the project is complete. Startups also typically have costs they must cover to get off the ground. Short-term business term loans and business lines of credit may work best for fast funding of upfront costs.

Since most short-term loans require full repayment within a year or two, they may not be the right fit for long-term startup needs or if you won’t be able to keep up with repayments.

  1. For emergency or unexpected expenses

Surprise expenses — such as broken equipment — can make small business owners scramble for fast funding to cover the cost. Short-term business term loans offer predictable fixed payments that may work well if you need dependable repayment terms. A business line of credit is another option since you only pay interest on the amount you draw, and repaying increases your available credit.

A short-term loan may not be the best option for large emergency expenses unless you can meet the repayment terms, as defaulting will damage your credit score.

  1. To buy inventory

If the busy season is fast approaching or your products are in high demand, keeping inventory in stock is crucial to your business’s success. Short-term business loan types that could offer a solution include:

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