Myth or reality: Marijuana smoking can cause long-term mental illness

Many people think that consuming marijuana (cannabis) can result in psychosis, or the irreversible loss of one’s sanity.

Myth or reality: Marijuana smoking can cause long-term mental illness
Myth or reality: Marijuana smoking can cause long-term mental illness

In actuality, different people may have different affects from marijuana on their mental health.

While smoking is inherently unhealthy, many cannabis users report no appreciable negative impacts on their mental health; yet, there is evidence that cannabis usage can have harmful effects, especially under specific conditions.

When cannabis is used excessively or by people who are predisposed to mental illnesses like schizophrenia, it may cause transient psychotic symptoms like paranoia, hallucinations, and disorganized thought patterns.

When the effects of the medication wear off, these effects usually go away and can be reversed.

The subject of whether cannabis use can result in long-term psychosis, or a permanent loss of sanity, is more complicated and hotly contested.

According to certain research, using high-potency cannabis frequently and excessively may raise the chance of acquiring chronic psychotic illnesses, especially in susceptible people.

Research on the precise link between long-term psychosis and cannabis usage is still ongoing, albeit it is not entirely clear.

It’s crucial to remember that the great majority of cannabis users do not suffer from permanent mental illness.

Individuals with a personal predisposition to mental health concerns or a family history of psychotic disorders appear to be at increased risk.

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