On Thursday, Hyundai said that it had stopped running ads on X, the former name of Twitter. This came the day after an advertisement from the carmaker was purportedly shown next to a pro-Hitler and antisemitic message on the social media platform.

Screenshots of a paid Hyundai advertisement placed over an antisemitic post from a verified “premium” account were shared by user Nancy Levine Stearns on Wednesday. The account tweets antisemitic statements and disputes the Holocaust.

Hyundai’s spokesman said, “We have paused our ads on X and are speaking to X directly about brand safety to ensure this issue is addressed,” in response to a CNN request that included Stearns’ post.

Hyundai is the most well-known business to stop running advertisements on X following its CEO, Elon Musk, publicly endorsing a white supremacist-favored antisemitic theory in 2023.

The halt was initially reported by NBC News.

The antisemitic account next to the advertisement has been suspended by X, according to an email sent to CNN by Joe Benarroch, X’s head of business operations. Benarroch noted that there were antisemitic motifs in the account’s bio.

According to Benarroch, Hyundai has been using X as a business account to promote climate change advertisements targeted at legislators.