A Ghanaian woman describes the antelope’s changes after consuming its meat in the video.

A woman once related how, after eating antelope meat against her mother’s advice, she began to resemble the animal, and how, in order to recover from the strange state, she had to kiss her uncle’s feet.

A Ghanaian woman describes the antelope's changes after consuming its meat in the video.
A Ghanaian woman describes the antelope’s changes after consuming its meat in the video.

Accra-based In a video that Kasapa FM posted on its TikTok page, she claimed that her mother had always advised her against eating certain meat because it has negative effects.

“Whenever I was with my mother, she would frequently advise me not to consume a particular kind of animal meat, saying that doing so might result in my death. I would always nod in accord, even though I wasn’t sure what this forbidden meat was,” she remembered.

She did, however, live with a restaurant owner who specialized in selling strange bush meat.

She revealed to the restaurant management that her mother had told her not to eat a particular meat.

It’s antelope meat, she answered the restaurant owner when he inquired about the type of meat.

Later, her madam served her a supper that included the forbidding meat without her knowledge.

The woman once offered me a lunch that contained the exact meat I was not allowed to consume. She ate the meal and then provocatively questioned if I had died from eating the forbidding meat. She confessed that it was the meat I had been warned against, much to my horror, she said.

She quickly started feeling discomfort in her body and her wisdom teeth after eating the meat, so she went to her mother for assistance.

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