How exercise impacts testosterone levels in males

Studies have revealed that testosterone levels can be impacted by exercise.

How exercise impacts testosterone levels in males

The primary male s3x hormone, testosterone, aids in muscular growth and is one of the main factors promoting it.

While some exercises can increase testosterone, others can decrease it. It also depends on how hard and long you work out. This is how:

Exercise regimen to increase testosterone

According to studies, the biggest testosterone response came from beginning resistance training with major muscle areas like the chest and glutes, then concentrating on small muscle parts like the triceps and shoulders. Keep in mind that no amount of exercise will cause your testosterone levels to soar. You shouldn’t exert yourself to the point where you risk getting hurt by pushing harder than you can handle.

Endurance-based exercises, like cardio, can potentially reduce testosterone, according to studies. However, there isn’t much logic in focusing on resistance training because you think it raises your testosterone levels. It is important to note that any exercise is beneficial for your general health, maintaining healthy body weight and your T level.

To combat obesity and low testosterone, exercise

Regular exercise is advised by experts for good health and effective weight management. This aids in avoiding obesity, which is associated with numerous health issues and low testosterone levels. Focus on routinely exercising every day rather than performing a single high-intensity session at random to temporarily increase testosterone levels. Exercise can assist promote healthy testosterone levels over the long term.

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