SIM re-registration is expensive for carriers, according to Chamber


The Chamber of Telecommunications lamented how expensive the sim registration process was.

SIM card registration


Ken Ashigbey, the Chief Executive of the Ghana Telecommunications Chamber, claims that in order to help with SIM registration, telecommunications businesses have had to hire extra staff members and devices.

“There are development expenditures that went into being able to put our systems in place to coordinate with the NCA’s systems to be able to complete the verifications, and there is an app we use that we pay for,” he stated in remarks made on the eve of the launch of the Mobile Industry Transparency Initiative, 2021. Prior to the policy’s implementation, the majority of our agents performed registration using feature phones; however, in order for them to do so now, we require smartphones, therefore it was quite expensive to be able to do that.

“Then you have to find additional people that are required to perform the activity, and we had to pay those persons we found, so that is expense.” Strengthened cooperation is required between the NCA and NIA. We must work together much more closely so that the verification procedures are more stringent.

When the NCA and NIA can work together efficiently, Ashigbey continued, “I don’t need to hold my card to be able to register when someone is on the database.”

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