Business and the economy are difficult, says Kennedy Agyapong.


Kennedy Agyapong, a member of parliament from Assin Central, acknowledged that the current economic climate is challenging, particularly for SMEs.

Business and the economy are difficult, says Kennedy Agyapong.
Business and the economy are difficult, says Kennedy Agyapong.


The outspoken congressman demanded immediate action by reconsidering plans, policies, and programmes to guarantee Ghana gets weaned off contributions and outside help without going into detail about the facts of his accusation.

On the Morning Show segment of Net2 TV’s October 25 broadcast, Agyapong made a statement.

“The economy is tough and business is tough. I would be dishonest if I sat here and claimed differently. I have to acknowledge that times are difficult.

But there is hope, he emphasised, and we must remember that it is in times like these that inventions and breakthroughs are born.

Because “everyone in the world is taking care of themselves, we cannot depend solely on donations and handouts,” he said, Ghana needs to reset and recalibrate its economic models. It is time to boldly reassess our policies and programmes.

He used the Great Consolidated Popular Party, or GCPP, and the Acheampong era’s celebrated programmes to illustrate his point about pragmatic policies. “We ought to implement laws that will enable us to live as God’s ordinarily formed people.

Additionally, he made reference to a list of imports and their associated costs before saying, “Let us address the importation of certain goods, import substitutions, and build more factories,” pointing out how the 1D1F projects can aid in the development of an export-oriented economy as opposed to the import-dependent one Ghana is currently dealing with.

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