2 superstars Camidoh is craving to work with


Raphael Camidoh Kofi Attachie, a singer-songwriter, has named two musicians he is desperate to collaborate with.

2 superstars Camidoh is craving to work with
2 superstars Camidoh is craving to work with

He declared, “I want to record music with Angelique Kidjo.” “She’s been on my list,” I said.

He once more said, “Chris Brown, I’ve always wanted to do [song with him].”

He said, touching his head, “I’m thinking in my head like, “I’d love to do music with these guys,” but he was adamant that he would not use force to approach them or get the collaborations.

“I was in the studio the other day with Yemi Alade. I never mentioned the fact that I can ride past her to meet Angelique Kidjo. That is not the issue. The ‘Sugarcane’ hitmaker used the phrase “In as much as I desire it, I just put it before the cosmos” to convey his point.

“In the meanwhile, I have to be doing me,” he said. To be deserving of such an honor, I must be getting ready.

He also mentioned how ‘Waiting,’ a new song by Cina Soul on which he appeared, came about spontaneously.

It was just the two of us in the studio, and Camidoh remarked, “I was just loving her vibe. Sometimes we go into the studio just having a good time, not doing any work, and that’s how I prefer to work with people; nothing forced but just “vibing.”

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