Police in Belgium stop Wendy Shay’s performance.


Wendy Shay, a secular performer from Ghana, revealed that the Belgian Police Force prevented her from taking the stage at the Ghana Culture Festival on October 3, 2022.

Police in Belgium stop Wendy Shay's performance.
Police in Belgium stop Wendy Shay’s performance.

The performance wasn’t a complete failure, she claimed in an Instagram post, and she promised to make it worthwhile for them the following year.

“The police in Belgium stopped the show, but we still had fun at Ghana Culture Fest. The following year will be huge, she promised.

In a video that came with the posts, Wendy was captured giving her fans a freestyle to some of her popular songs.

The cheerful group shouted and sang along to her tunes, looking all gingered and filled with so much energy as Wendy swayed and moved her body to the rhythms of her songs.

She performed donning an all-black two-piece outfit and ankle boots.

She performed while wearing ankle boots and a two-piece all-black dress.

This occurs after Wendy released the song “Survivor” on September 17, 2022.

Numerous internet users disapproved of the song because of its harsh language and violent imagery.

Wendy claims that while her closest friend was pursuing her man, she was pursuing her passion. She also claims that the two of them are currently involved.

As a result, the singer’s new song, #Warning, expresses her annoyance.

It’s difficult for industrious women to find genuine love, Wendy Shay stated in a caption that accompanied the song’s debut on her Instagram Page.

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