It’s irrational, you’re being a fan fooler – Arnold pummels Abeiku Santana

Abeiku Santana hits diversion intellectuals, DJs

Arnold hammers Santana, says he’s being double-dealing

Shatta Wale discharges ‘On God’


Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo is an entertainment journalist

Diversion savant and writer, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo has gone against Abeiku Santana’s case that the media has would not focus on Shatta Wale’s melodies, portraying the expressions of the expert radio moderator as counter-intuitive.

The Okay FM moderator during one of the releases of his public broadcast made the feeling that the media just spotlights on the awful side of Shatta Wale, focusing on that his melodies are not being given pivot.

“Shatta Wale has delivered a tune however DJs are not playing them, diversion intellectuals are not examining it. Notwithstanding, when he goes unruly, you talk about it on your shows,” said Abeiku Santana.

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Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, making an accommodation on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review, Saturday, was dismayed by Abeiku Santana’s comments as he upheld his critique with materials to counter the case.

“Santana is off-base on this very score. You’re in this industry, when ‘On God’ was delivered, what number of DJs didn’t play the melody? They’re actually playing. What number of savants didn’t pass discourses on that tune? At the point when I made my post, the melody had not blown,” Arnold contended.

Without beating around the bush, Arnold, during the conversation observed by GhanaWeb, said Abeiku Santana’s comments regarding the matter are “feeble and flimsy”, adding that the radio moderator is being deceptive. He refered to occasions Shatta Wale articulated contemptible words about the media and intellectuals inquiring as to why Abeiku Santana couldn’t call Shatta Wale to arrange.

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“He went about as a major fan fooler for Shatta Wale,” said Arnold. “This equivalent Shatta Wale throughout the long term, what has been his insight, editorial about intellectuals, DJs? His latest remark was that savants have nothing better doing. He doesn’t actually perceive that area, there is no respect for what we do. All in all, such an extremely long time that this person has been spoiling savants, where could Santana have been?

“You said only today, you’re here making commotion, fan tricking yourself. It’s clamor and he’s being a major faker on this score,” Arnold added.

The amusement savant, in any case, demonstrated that Abeiku might be hawking such accounts for appraisals. As indicated by him, the praised live character is noted for making such professions in light of the fact that at whatever point he does, his recordings collect extensive perspectives.

It's irrational, you're being a fan fooler - Arnold pummels Abeiku Santana
It’s irrational, you’re being a fan fooler – Arnold pummels Abeiku Santana

He said: “Presently, everything really revolves around the numbers. Assuming your attention is on numbers, you’ll in any case go to that topic that would give you the impressions. In the event that it’s not only for numbers, then, at that point, it’s illogical. He’s just being a fan fooler. What he said has no weight.”

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