Why Adwoa Safo is as yet on leave

Why Adwoa Safo is as yet on leave
  • Adwoa Safo is as yet on leave

  • She has not detailed to Parliament this year


There have been requires the administering NPP to make the Dome-Kwabenya seat empty so that a by-political race can be held to choose another Member of Parliament.

This as per some NPP allies will permit for Parliamentary business to go on since truant MP for the area, Sarah Adwoa Safo is blocking progress.

Adwoa Safo has been missing from Parliament for some time following an expansion of her leave which was conceded by the President in 2021.

In any case, why has Sarah Adwoa Safo stayed on leave for such a long time?

Adakabre Frimpong Manso, a telecaster with Despite Media’s Neat FM, has been illustrating a few reasons that have kept the pastor out of the workplace, and with that, her non appearance is being felt in Parliament.

As indicated by Frimpong Manso, Adwoa Safo before her leave somewhere in the range of eight months prior, was pregnant yet she had an unsuccessful labor which prompted her lengthy leave in 2021.

‘You make me wiped out; I’ll get MPs captured and conveyed’ – Speaker Bagbin vapor

He said, the situation that prompted her unnatural birth cycle was imparted to the delegating authority yet because of how ladies who go through such cycles experience mental injury and all, her leave was broadened.

“As a Gender Minister, she [Adwoa Safo] conflicted with Mrs. Gertrude Quashigah over certain issues encompassing the school taking care of program, Mrs. Quashigah arrangement was ended by the pastor yet was Adwoa Safo the person who composed the letter of re establishment in under 24-hours after she ended Mrs. Quashigah arrangement?” the telecaster asked on the February 23, version of his show.

Adakabre Frimpong Manso further demonstrated that, one of Adwoa Safo’s kids [a boy] who is as of now in the States, definitely disliked his knees which made individuals including the youngster’s school specialists continue to call her [Adwoa Safo] to grumble regarding what the kid is going through.

As a mother, the telecaster said, she should have been around her kid to take excellent consideration of him on the grounds that Adwoa Safo’s child’s knee issue required a surgery.

“This, at first took her [Adwoa Safo] to the US yet when the issue raised, that the youngster expected to go through some a medical procedure, it likewise drawn out her visit.

“Be that as it may, Adwoa Safo in every one of these, came to Ghana, burned through about fourteen days, took care of her Parliamentary obligations in light of the fact that, at that point, the public authority required the numbers to pass the financial plan yet she needed to return and deal with her wiped out child.

“She went to look for consent from the President of the Republic and furthermore educated the Chief regarding Staff about the circumstance and the authorization was allowed for her to broaden her leave,” Adakabre Frimpong Manso said.

With respect to Agyapong’s charges that, Adwoa Safo needed the occupation of Alexander Kwamina Afenyo-Markin, Frimpong Manso clarified, as a Deputy Majority Leader in the seventh Parliament, she was not discussed to that, her position will be given to another MP; she just heard on the radio that “Kwamina Afenyo-Markin is the delegate chief.”

“On the GHC120k paid into her record, Adwoa Safo said, her child and the dad [Kennedy Agyapong] were having a discussion on telephone and the kid incited his dad that his birthday was drawing closer, thus, the dad vowed to surprise him, which fulfilled him.

Why Adwoa Safo is as yet on leave
Why Adwoa Safo is as yet on leave

“He [Kennedy Agyapong], then, at that point, mentioned for the financial balance number of the mother [Adwoa Safo] and it was given to him. Genuinely, the Assin Central MP sent an honorable man to store the said sum into her Fidelity account; she thought it was the birthday guarantee [Kennedy Agyapong] made to the child. She didn’t address him since he [Kennedy Agyapong] was rich and can accomplish more than that… much to her dismay that it was some cash from the Chief of Staff as he [Kennedy Agyapong] claimed on Asaase radio. She never knew the Chief of Staff was the wellspring of the cash, since all she knew was a birthday present coming from a dad…

“On February 17, she finished every single essential course of action and conversations with the Finance Minister, in this way, she was planning to return into the country on February 23, just so that her might hear her name on Asaase radio being hauled and marked a disappointment. This is Adwoa Safo’s story,” Adakabre Frimpong Manso pushed.

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