19 nations’ law enforcement agencies have taken down a website that made at least $1 million by selling hackers phishing kits, which enabled them to assault tens of thousands of people globally.

Targeted in the investigation was Lab Host, which was allegedly established in 2021 to make it simpler for hackers to construct phony websites meant to fool users into disclosing email addresses, passwords, and bank information. The Metropolitan Police in the United Kingdom spearheaded the operation.

The Metropolitan Police released a statement on Wednesday stating that between Sunday and Wednesday, 37 people were taken into custody and over 70 locations in the UK and throughout the world were searched.

London’s police service said that 2,000 people had registered on the website and were paying a monthly subscription. “Since its creation, Lab Host has received just under £1 million ($1,173,000) in payments from criminal users, many of whom Met cybercrime detectives have now been able to identify,” the police service said.

According to the report, Lab Host possessed almost 1 million passwords for websites and other internet services, 480,000 bank card information, and 64,000 pin numbers.