Protected status for one man's artistic fantasy, made covertly in a rented residence
Protected status for one man’s artistic fantasy, made covertly in a rented residence

Ron Gittins’ family paid a visit to the Birkenhead, northwest England, apartment he had occupied since the mid-1980s, shortly after his death in September 2019 at the age of 79.

They were completely astounded by what they discovered within. Gittins had painted multiple murals of historical themes and adorned nearly every surface in his house.

A Roman bread oven, a roaring lion’s head fireplace, a colossal minotaur head fireplace, and paintings depicting Ancient Egypt and Georgian England were among the artworks.

The finding was especially unexpected because Gittins, who had little formal experience in the arts, actively prevented people from going to his apartment, which was located on the first floor of a Victorian duplex and consisted of three major rooms, a corridor, a kitchen, and a bathroom.