Ladies, read this to find out how damaging it is to your skin to work out while wearing makeup.

Making time for workouts at the gym is usually a good time.

You want to look your best and feel your freshest the entire time you spend at the gym, so you choose your gym clothes with enthusiasm, put on your workout sneakers, and get ready for that hour of your day.

It’s a popular misconception that women should not wear makeup at the gym. How often do you stop and think about whether or not this is the right choice for you?

This may seem like an odd inquiry, but the answer is no.

What sweat and makeup can do to your skin is something to think about.

Here’s why it might not be in your skin’s best interest to apply makeup before hitting the gym:

get stuck in your skin

Sweat from activity might trap any unwanted substances on your skin. Then, when your pores open to sweat, the particles can get in there and clog things up even more, leading to even more zits and blackheads. Therefore, it is recommended by specialists that you forego the use of any cosmetics—including concealer, BB cream, foundation, or powder—before your regular workout.


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