In the vibrant tapestry of university life, the parliamentary system plays a crucial role in fostering student governance and democratic principles. As the newly sworn-in Chief Clerk of our esteemed university parliament, I, Abraham Awudu, embark on a journey dedicated to facilitating effective communication, maintaining procedural order, and upholding […]

Dancehall artist Samini from Ghana has said that Amapiano, a prominent music genre in South Africa, is just a rebranded version of Ghana’s famous Azonto. Samini In a recent interview on Property Fm, Sami explained why he thinks the genre draws inspiration from Ghanaian roots. He emphasized that Amapiano heavily […]

Because of their versatility, eggs can be utilized in a wide range of delectable recipes. Here are some egg recipes you might want to try if you’re looking for more inventive ways to eat your eggs:   Traditional eggs scrambled: Add pepper and salt to eggs and whisk. Add a […]