Do you need money? Side hustle to make $1,000 in 2024

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Even if you can’t afford vacation this year, if you work hard on your side hustle now, you can make it a reality for next yeargetty

It’s officially summer, and everyone is eager to get out and have fun. But perhaps, you’ve wanted to go on vacation this year, but have postponed it due to sky-high living expenses, or a layoff that has turned your word upside down.

Do you need money? Side hustle to make $1,000 in 2024
Do you need money? Side hustle to make $1,000 in 2024

The reality is, a job is not enough on its own. We’ve witnessed enough layoffs to understand that jobs do not offer career or financial security in themselves. To really understand the meaning of fun and make the most of the summer—or at least ensure that you’ll have a blast next year summer—you should weigh up your options and think about other ways to make extra money from home. This ensures that you’re not dependent on one sole source of income, and you have a comfortable stash of cash with which to enjoy life and take vacation.

Even if you’re unable to spend this summer the way you would have wanted due to tight finances, you can shape your ideal life now by reinventing yourself and leveraging your skills; your efforts will thank you next year.

Here are three summer-worthy side hustles that encourage you to get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and in which you can easily rack up to $1,000 in a month:

  1. Handyman Service/Repairs

Summertime means that handyman services are in peak demand due to people rushing to get their homes in tip-top condition before the winter months (shorter daylight time) and festive season approaches. It can also be a prime time to promote your services as potential clients are might be on vacation and will use that time to have extensive works and renovation done, for home improvement projects, outdoor repairs, and maintenance tasks—particularly if they’ve just moved house.

If you’re skilled in painting and decorating, general installations and home upgrades, and perform this regularly for yourself, your family, and friends, why not offer this as a service? The more specialisms you have, the greater the likelihood that you can broaden your service range, so that you can acquire even more projects. It also helps if you have specific certifications as this will add a layer of credibility to your work, especially if you’re just starting out.

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